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New Etsy Listings

New Etsy Listings! Check them out,

Some of them are Elephant Washcloths, Elephant Bootcuffs, Can covers, Ponytail Beanies, Scarves, Potholders, Headbands, Purses, etc.


Here are some new photos (To see more, please visit Etsy shop):

orange tulip shawl 5galaxy shawl.png

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Why I’ve been absent

Sorry that I’ve been absent and haven’t been able to provide you guys with any new and useful information. My wifi went out for several weeks, and that left me with no way of getting on here. I apologize for that. We’ve been extra busy lately with dialysis and my crochet orders. I’m working on a blanket at the moment for another crocheter, who doesn’t have the time to do it on her own.


I’ve also been trying to get my patterns out there more, so that I can continue to help support my family.