How Diabetes leads to dialysis

Over 17 million people live with diabetes. 1/3 of those people aren’t aware they have it. If your body does not produce insulin to break down the sugars and dispose of them, they stay in your blood stream. Over time, these sugars damage tiny blood veins, and the filters in your kidneys. When the filters get damaged, more waste and toxins enter the blood stream. It is a very slow process, and many people show no signs or symptoms. The waste and toxins can also be found as extra fluid around the heart and around or in the lungs. If the problem persists without treatment of any kind, the fluid and toxins will continue to build. If they build around your heart, there’s CHF. (Congestive heart failure.) If the fluid builds in your lungs, it can cause pneumonia. If you don’t do dialysis to remove the fluid buildup and toxins, you can essentially drown to death. Dialysis consists of being stuck with 15 gauge needles( size depends on the patient and the access or fistula). Dialysis filters the toxins out, and acts as your kidneys. Dialysis patients either go to a center 3x weekly, or do other forms of dialysis. If you’re in center, it’s 4-5 hours each time. If you do home dialysis(what I do for nana) it is 2 1/2 hours sometimes more. The amount of days depends on your doctor and your lab results. The point is, no one wants to sit hooked up, watching your blood travel through a machine, for an average of 10-12 hours weekly. Take care of your kidneys! They do more than you know. I see what nana goes through 5/7 days a week. It sucks, it really does. Do what you can now, to prevent making your life difficult and irrationally repetitive later in life.


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