Benefits of Home Hemo-Dialysis

Nana’s thoughts:

  1. More peaceful (less noise from other patients)
  2. Better sleep
  3. More comfortable
  4. More free time
  5. Less stress about “getting up to go, go, go”
  6. Better family relationships
  7. More television channels
  8. Less depression and anxiety
  9. Better understanding of what’s going on
  10. Better temperature control (not constantly freezing during treatment


My thought’s and research:

  1. Better Blood Pressure control
    1. Fewer medications to control blood pressure because there is less toxin and fluid build up
  2. Less fluid buildup
    1. Fewer fluid restrictions
    2. Fewer diet restrictions
  3. More time to “do you”
    1. More time for hobbies, yard work, things you enjoy doing
  4. Save money
    1. Fewer trips to the clinic, means less money spent on traveling
  5. Improved understanding
    1. of ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)
    2. Dialysis as a whole, and how it works
    3. Being your own advocate
    4. Better control of your own health
  6. Improved quality of life
  7. Lower chances of hospitalizations
  8. Monthly appointments with your Nephrologist and clinic team
    1. Less amount of time to wait than a normal appointment
    2. Prevent things getting worse by talking about them sooner
  9. Toxins and fluid are removed better because of more treatments
  10. Treatments may be more frequent, but they are shorter in time length
  11. More energy
  12. More likely to receive a transplant
  13. Ability to do dialysis whenever you want
    1. This means you could go back to work, or continue working with no troubles
  14. Better sleep
  15. Breathe better
    1. Without a large amount of fluid buildup around or in your lungs, you’ll be breathing easier in no time!
  16. Improved survival rate
  17. Less stress on your heart
    1. Less fluid around your heart means lower blood pressure, and your heart won’t work so hard.
  18. Fewer medications
  19. Less cramps
    1. Not removing large amounts of fluid extremely quickly will lessen your likely hood of cramping in dialysis.
  20. Better control over lab results.



These are only some of the benefits, there are so many more you can add to the list. It’s honestly quite fascinating. ¬†


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